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Laura Nycholat is an organization effectiveness and change management specialist based out of Nipawin. A trained facilitator and vocational educator, Nycholat has a bachelors in International Business and has worked in Alberta for TC Energy, Deloitte Human Capital Consulting, and Nutrien. Since the COVID pandemic, she has moved to northeast Saskatchewan and is making Nipawin her home.

"I help people find the courage to do things different. Together, we create a safe space to let go of the old and make room for the new."



Services are tailored directly to client needs and expectations using a combination of curiosity, an organization effectiveness toolkit, hard love and the following skills to un-stick leaders and their teams.


Courage Curator. Curiosity, coaching and creative strategies to help leaders find the courage to “act” or “take a first step”.

Master Facilitator. Bring key stakeholders together in an effort to agree on vision, strategies, and key next steps.

Project Management. Maintain momentum with stakeholders and leaders, keep everyone aligned, focused, working together, and addressing roadblocks with candor and creativity.

Change Leadership. Trusted coach for leaders, partners and stakeholders to stay focused, show up with consistency, and address questions / concerns as a united front.


Diversity & Inclusion. Show up with consistency in all relationships, proven strategies to help bridge the gap between diverse cultures without prejudice.


Root Cause. Approach challenges with curiosity, skilled at identifying root cause and bringing people together to identify strategies for resolution.


Innovation & Team Effectiveness. Bring diverse stakeholders together to achieve a common goal; centered on creative process, best practice, guiding principles, and benefit realization.


Community Advisor. Trusted partner to leaders and their stakeholders, working together to identify creative strategies for vision realization and self-determination.​





Certified Coach Practitioner

Certified Professional Facilitator

Certified Human Resource Professional 

Queens University IRC Organizational Development Certificates

Board Chair and Governance Experience

Deloitte University & Signature Experience​

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