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Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 21 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM at the Nipawin Legion. 

Please join us to celebrate all we have achieved in 2023, nominate our Board of Directors, and vote on our schedule of events for 2024! Healthy snacks will be provided.

RiSE UP Community Foundation is registered in good standing both provincially and federally.

Meet our

Patti Propp.png

Patti Propp

A local entrepreneur running a market garden, farm and preserves business (The Homestead Cannery) near Codette, SK. Propp is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to fulfill their dreams. She has history in planning events, especially women’s events and retreats. She is new to this area of Saskatchewan and is eager to support the Rise Up organization by supporting women entrepreneurs and leaders in the community.

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Elsa Borsa

Elsa Borsa is a Carrot River based Life Coach who has made helping women rise from guilt, shame, and discontent her life’s work. She lives in a cozy log house nestled in the trees with her husband, three busy children, two cats, one dog, a menagerie of cows, horses, chickens, more dogs, more cats, and a donkey!

Elsa is passionate about helping women discover and lean into the power we each hold. She believes every one of us holds immense potential to create positive change- in our lives and in others. For fun, Elsa likes a good cup of coffee, deep conversation, singing along to loud 90’s music, and lots of time alone with her busy thoughts.

She is proud to be a part of RiSE UP and is excited for the opportunity to be part of a movement where women are banding together to lift each other up. You can learn more about Elsa at


Laura Nycholat

In 2022, Nycholat started the Rise Up Foundation because she wanted to bring her skills to rural Saskatchewan in a way that is accessible to all women. She noticed COVID changed many aspects of people’s lives. It especially affected women and affected her directly. The full motivation is to find creative ways to bring funding into the community and directly into the hands of the community. We are able to tailor our work to grant funding that are available versus spending our time trying to find grants that match our work.

Her Business Consulting skills are anchored to more than 15 years experience in various industries and includes coaching, consulting, project and change management, and human resource expertise.

You will find Laura out walking her dog, Imma-Queeny and with her kids at various events and activities at Nipawin.

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