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Feeling proud of the work Rise Up Community Foundation has done for Nipawin in 2023!

Updated: Jan 31

As a foundation, we focus on bridging community partnerships and giving groups the courage to keep pushing forward. Our goal is to find creative ways to bring funding into the community in a way that builds connection for ALL citizens.

This means we find ourselves focusing on projects that may be "falling through the cracks" and working with community members that don't fit into the existing resources being offered. For 2023, this included:

  • Women looking for connection through accessible learning and volunteerism. Register for our final Women Building Connection February 11 event here.

  • As a stakeholder in the upcoming Saint Patrick's 50/50, RiSEUP  will be donating our portion of the proceeds to the Nipawin Community Dog Park.

  • Community projects like the Nipawin Dog Park where Laura Nycholat leveraged existing partnerships to secure $5000 for fencing as a way to reinvigorate the project.

  • The Big Stir where more than 300 litres of healthy homemade hamburger and chicken noodle soup were prepared for the local food bank. On popular demand, the next Big Stir will prepare healthy home made chili!

  • Culture Days event to honor the black heritage in our community.

  • Truth and Reconciliation event offered outside the realm of justice or social services.

  • Haywire Farm Festival by enabling rural artists to apply and secure grant funding for the local festival.

With the highest integrity and a spirit of community connection, you will continue to see RiSEUP pull people together in a positive way. While our approach is different and may feel uncomfortable for some, our commitment to integrity and transparency will not go unnoticed.

Thank you for our community volunteers, board members, and ALL event participants for helping to make each of these events a success! Your support and encouragement is noticed and deeply appreciated!

Yours Truly,

Laura Nycholat

RiSEUP Community Foundation

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