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7 Tips for Providing Feedback

Updated: May 29, 2020

1. When you see something, say something.

Say it with kindness, professionalism and with the intent of helping others get an A. The good feedback will re-inforce their strengths and the development feedback will create the opportunity for learning.

2. Consider it a moment of kindness.

The art of giving will leave your soul feeling light. The moment of learning will leave the individual feeling safe and healthy.

3. Be brave.

It takes practice getting comfortable sharing the positives and telling others when they did a good job. It takes time to articulate patterns and dig into "why" your spity senses have triggered the need for development feedback. Focus on helping others to be great.

4. Be curious.

This will give the person permission to explore the opportunity for development. Together, and with time, the root of the issue will surface in a way that allows growth and opportunity.

5. Tell the good and tell it often.

While it's true that people are being paid to do a good job, telling them they are doing a good job builds trust. Trust is the foundation of high performance.

6. When the solution is simple, keep it simple.

Be specific about what needs to Stop, what needs to Start and compliment the things to Continue. This is also an excellent way to seek feedback from others.

7. Practice. Practice. Practice.

If you fall, you get up. Everytime you try, you learn. Practice makes perfect, so they say.

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