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Nervous that your team has room to be more Diverse and Inclusive?

Here are a few obvious signs that you’re nervous inkling has truth and tips to make change happen.

1. Your leadership team looks more like each other than the diverse humans that report into them.

Look around you. Did you need to stop and think about this for a moment or two? If Diversity and Inclusion are important to you, then a focused shift in your leadership team will become an urgent and top priority.

2. A high performer on your team feels like he or she does not fit in.

Does this individual fit the unwritten leadership or team profile? Or approach challenges and issues differently than others on the team? Perhaps their political savvy slightly varies from the ‘norm’? If you are true to your Diversity and Inclusion word, openly praising the diversity of thought will become the ‘new norm’.

3. Do you have a really good reason for the lack of Diversity or Inclusion on your team?

Ask for help. Be vulnerable and announce to your team and your peers that Diversity and Inclusion are important to you. Seek support on how to make the change happen. Then stand back and embrace the new. As a proven change guru, this is when the shift will truly happen.

7 Tips to make change happen.

1. Announce your vision for change loud and clear.

2. Tell everyone why this vision is important and all the things that will no longer be tolerated.

3. Be clear on the repercussions and immediately follow-through at every moment to show zero-tolerance.

4. Give people permission to help. Tell them how. Listen deeply to their ideas.

5. Use your manners. Say thank you to everyone that gets involved; without judgment.

6. Set-up your team of experienced subject matter experts. Make sure they have all the right skills. Let them guide you. Let them help you to rally everyone toward your vision.

7. Be courageous and test the Diversity and Inclusion of the team. Give and receive feedback. Stand firm on your journey to more Diversity and Inclusion. See my post on 7 Tips for Providing Feedback.

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