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Whoever we are, wherever we are, we are leaders.

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

This is the phrase from Jody Wilson-Raybould's International Women's Day Keynote that holds meaning to the RiSEUP Foundation at Nipawin. The RiSEUP journey started with a focus on Women in Leadership and after the first event in November 2022 it was clear this wasn't quite right.

All women are leaders. "She is relentless in her will and spirit to endure challenges no matter her status or position. In all spheres of life women are leaders."

At RiSEUP, we agree that this is the reality all-women are born into.

Raybould enlightened her audience that passiveness is the opposite of leadership and to accept is to live in silence. She challenged all women to speak out and push back on status quo to ensure values of respect are upheld. Women seeking truth is real power.

Be visible.

Be bold, present, seen.


At RiSEUP, our focus has shifted from Women in Leadership to Women Building Intention and now, a Union of Women Building Connections. Where all-women have support to RiSEUP no matter her challenge, culture, or background.

RiSEUP creates a safe space for women to connect, learn, and rise up together. Helping each other to find common ground. Bring awareness to gossip and judgement that create stigma, racism, and stereotypes in the community, on the playground, at the office, and at home.

Watch our event page for Women Building Connection. An event series where five (5) women local to Nipawin, from varying cultural backgrounds that are representative of our community, will each speak to her culture in relation to the Power of Five (5): Agency, Authenticity, Connection, Wholeness, Healthy Mind.

Women will be invited to listen, ask questions, and take notes that highlight cultural similarities - helping participants to build deeper cultural connections. Each will also be invited to "Remember the RiSEUP Mission" and write down one or two key phrases she can practice using when caught in a situation of judgement or gossip negativity - either personally or from others.

Women will be invited to attend at The Dam Smokehouse at Nipawin. The space is welcoming and central to the community. This venue is also representative that a women can not RiSEUP on her own. Rather, men and women must RiSEUP together. The establishment is owned and operated by husband and wife, Faron and Andrea, who live upstairs with their daughter. Faron believes that "empowerment of women is vital to a healthy society, home foundation, and business. Building today to become leaders of tomorrow is both important and necessary in shaping a balanced world we all seek. To be able to be part of that process in a small way is an honour”.

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Be the first to know of upcoming event registration. Each event is limited to 20 rsvp to ensure a safe space for connection and includes a healthy bag lunch to go or to stay & enjoy lightly facilitated conversation.

The RiSEUP events are FREE, sponsored by the RiSEUP Community Advisory Foundation.

Our aim is to ensure access to "great food, equitable opportunities, a sense of belonging, and topics that are proven to help women thrive" no matter her challenge, status, or position.

Local sponsorship, charitable grants, and HR On Call are the funding backbone to the Foundation.

All HR On Call fees go directly to the charity and are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

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